Maya Art Studio is a family art studio producing work in a number of different media. Studio members include: Jennifer C. Vigil (mom), Alex Vigil-Emerson, Andrew Vigil-Emerson, and Maya Vigil-Emerson

My creative family starts at home.

JV in tree Vertical I (Jennifer C. Vigil) took my first art class (ceramics) at the Milwaukee Art Center when I was 5.  I have been working in clay on and off since then.  My early and continued exposure to art classes shaped my view of the world and my vision of the future.  I never saw art or making art as separate from the rest of my life.  My father is a renaissance man.  He has a Ph.D. in cell biology but also pursued his interests in music, art, and photography.  While my older brother, younger sister, and I were taking the kids’ art classes at the Milwaukee Art Center, my father was upstairs taking painting classes.  While he enjoyed painting, photography was his passion.  Growing up, I was fascinated by his photographs, by the way he saw the world.  From delicate waterlilies (he blended his love for photography and botany) to street jazz bands in New Orleans, he always captured something unique, magical, and transient.  My father taught me that I didn’t have to choose, I could pursue my varied interests.
        In college I majored in Art History and minored in Ceramics and Sculpture.  After college, I worked at the Smithsonian in the American Indian Program at the National Museum of American History.  I went on to get my Ph.D. in Native American Art History.  I have worked as a curator, university professor,and have taught art classes.  Throughout it all making art has been the one constant.
        When I had children, I shared my passion for art with them just as my father did with me.  Maya Art Studio is a formal extension of years of making art with my children, Alex, Andrew, and Maya (for whom we named the studio).  We have a studio at home where we all create.  I work primarily in clay.
        Alex creates amazing sculptures, draws, and paints. Currently he is a senior majoring in Visual Communication Illustration at the University of Arizona. He also makes amazing animal costumes that he sells through his website The Fur Collective Studio. He attended at study abroad program in Orvieto, Italy June 2015 through the University Arizona’s School of Art. What a great experience for him.
        Andrew is starting college at Arizona State University as a ceramics major but he is also an amazing 2D artist as well. His senior portfolio was a series of portraits done primarily with colored pencil on masonite. He received merit scholarship from ASU and also from the Southern Arizona Watercolor Guild.
       Maya, a junior in high school, has an eye for jewelry making (check out her bookmarks) and enjoys watercolor painting.  She also enjoys ceramics and fused glass.
       As a family we create together and enjoy filling our house with artwork, ours and that of other artists.  Over the years, I have collected the work of students on whose MFA committees I have served.  I am delighted to see how my children and former students have grown as artists.
        We produce functional and sculptural ceramics and fused glass and fine art.  Our philosophy is that art shouldn’t be separate from life.  Fill your home and life with beautiful handmade pieces.  They help us connect with each other and with ourselves.